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One of the biggest reasons why consumers choose auto title loans in Orlando is because applying is so easy. With our title loans, it's possible to apply online. Those who are interested in applying need to enter some basic contact information about themselves as well as some information about the vehicle that they are using as collateral.

Application Process

Probably the most important thing we need to look at when considering an applicant for title loans Orlando is the applicant's vehicle. We need information about the vehicle in the application so we can determine how much the vehicle is worth. In our application, we'll ask for the make, model, and milage of the vehicle of the individual who is borrowing from us. Once we have a completed application from the applicant, we'll look it over to figure out if we can offer a loan.

Quick Response

Then, we'll provide a quick response. Of course, we always need the applicant's actual vehicle title before we can disburse loan funds. Once we get the vehicle title from the borrower, we'll send out the loan funds right into the borrower's bank account and that borrower an use them as he or she chooses. Prospective borrowers probably want to bring their vehicle title along when they come in to our title loans Orlando office to apply for a loan.

About Us

At Breckenridge Title Lenders, our clients can come right to our office in Orlando when they choose to ask us questions and apply. They can also come in to our office to make payments on their title loans in Orlando if they so desire. We aim to provide our clients with the utmost in convenience.

Title Loans

Our Orlando office offers convenient business hours so that prospective buyers can come and see us when it's easiest for them so that they can look into acquiring a vehicle title loan in Orlando.

Customer Service

Our representatives know that clients could be a little stressed out about their finances, and that's why our representatives are committed to being helpful and carefully taking the time to clear up any uncertainties clients have.

Financial Help

It's important that you feel confident in the financial product you rely on to pay bills or make large purchases. We make sure that none of our borrowers sign for a loan until they're confident that they are making the right choice for their financial future.

How it works

Title loans make borrowing extremely simple. The fact that title loans don't solely rely on credit score not only makes things simple, but it also allows many consumers to borrow who wouldn't otherwise be able to be approved. Even those without any credit history or with a very low credit score can be approved for this type of loan.


Borrowers who take out a title loan don't need great credit because they offer their vehicle as collateral on the loan they take out. At Breckenridge Title Lenders, we consider the value of the applicant's vehicle when we're evaluating his or her application. Applicants need to supply some information about their vehicles when they apply, including the vehicle's make, model, and milage. These factors are important in determining the value of any vehicle.

Payment Process

Even though the vehicle is held as collateral on the loan in the case of a title loan, it's important to realize that borrowers can still continue to use their vehicle. They don't have to hand over the keys or the vehicle itself to use the vehicle as collateral. They simply need to hand over their vehicle title to the lender. This is good news for motorists, because any vehicle owner only needs his or her title when registering, buying, or selling a vehicle. It's no problem to hand over title and continue using one's vehicle. Once the borrower has paid off the loan, he or she will get the vehicle title back.

Affordable Rates

There are a few basic details about title loans in Florida that borrowers should be aware of. First of all, a title loan in Florida is limited to $500 in amount. Also, a title loan's loan term must be longer than seven days and cannot be any longer than 31 days. Furthermore, there is a cap on interest on title loans in Florida. The maximum allowable interest rate on such a loan in the state of Florida is 30 percent.