A New Way Out Through Title Loans in Maitland FL

Most of us know the struggles of being trapped under a metric ton of financial responsibility that we just can't seem to shake. Although you might ask family and friends to give you a leg up, that's not always enough to get you through the month. When you're just not sure whether you'll make it on your bills, there's a balanced lending option for you: The Maitland and Orlando title loan.

The concept is pretty simple: You give us the title to a motor vehicle that's legally registered to you, and we lend you money. We're not allowed to do anything to the vehicle on the title while the loan money is being repaid, and after you're all finished, the title returns in its former condition. Because of this system, your credit history is never factored in. Sounds like a good deal, right?

In addition, we don't impose the ridiculous 500% APRs that payday, cash advance and other lending solutions of their ilk manage to pull off. In fact, title-based lending solutions are restricted to 30 percent at most, and for larger loan sums, that figure drops to a mere 18%.

Easily Applying Online for Title Loans in Maitland FL

So, you're probably thinking right now that if the applications for other loan options are so complicated for such a risky benefit, how bad is it getting your foot in the door with title loans in Maitland FL? The answer is, it isn't. Because the collateral involved is your vehicle and its title, we don't actually need to ask for much.

Here's what we need from you:

  • Phone contact information that we can reach inside a half hour
  • A name that we can grace you by when we reach out
  • The fundamentals about the vehicle that's on the title: make, model and mileage

Yup, that just about does it. Submit the form and kick back while we give your application a once-over and connect with you at the provided number to warmly address your troubles. This is where you'll need to be ready to really tell us about your situation and why you require our services. The main reason we need to know is to create title loans in Maitland FL that meet your requirements while remaining affordable.

Florida State Law Protects You

1. Interest Rates

In Florida, any title-based lending firm that exceeds 30 percent interest against a principle of $2,000 or less is guilty of usury, which is a business-breaking felony. If you borrow $3,000 or more, the interest cap drops to 18 percent.

2. Seizure of Assets

Our vow to not interfere with your personal vehicle isn't just an act of good will; it's also the law. Unless your loan payments have fallen behind by over 30 days, your vehicle is safe.

3. Legal Representation

Your sensitive information is professionally handled by loan representatives who have passed all educational and legal requirements to ethically and competently deal title loans in Maitland FL to our valued clients.

4. Assurance

It's illegal for us to create a loan plan that exceeds your ability to repay it on time. This is why we collect your income information.

Any Questions?

In order to maximize your borrowing power, we recommend that you furnish evidence of the following:

  • A clear title
  • A vehicle that's in good condition and possesses decent value
  • Income that's strong, sturdy and reliable